Fix for incoming links from Technorati in WordPress

Autor: Armonth | El lunes 02 de julio del 2007 @ 18:35.

This post is translated from the last one in spanish.

Last week i commented in a offtopic the fact that Technorati's incoming links weren't updated correctly in WordPress dashboard. I supposed that it was something related with the way Technorati is generating now the URL's for the feeds or a WordPress bug. It was the first.

In order to fix this you should open the file /wp-admin/index.php/ in line 18 (in 2.2.x series the file is /wp-admin/index-extra.php on line 10 aproximately) and search the next piece of code:

$rss = @fetch_rss(''. trailingslashit(get_option('home')) .'&partner=wordpress');

And then modify it as it follows:

$rss = @fetch_rss(''. trailingslashit(get_option('home')));

The fix is change /cosmos/rss/?url= for /search/ and (optionally) remove the "partner=wordpress" part in the URL's final. If we want to keep sending this information on the URL, we can lightly modify that line:

$rss = @fetch_rss(''. trailingslashit(get_option('home')) .'?partner=wordpress');

This is all, another option is to get the URL and to add into your RSS aggregator like another feed more but this is to be a little "addict". No? ;-)